About Us
The ForaHealthyMe Inc., virtual-care platform brings together the latest and most innovative solutions to address some of today’s most complex health issues and improve your quality of life. Many of today’s complex health challenges include cardiovascular (heart failure), neurological (stroke), musculoskeletal (spinal cord injury) and cognitive (mental health) issues.
Hospital visits can be time consuming, costly, and impractical, especially for patients residing in rural areas. Our suite of technology solutions allows you to engage, communicate and self-manage in a place where you prefer to be – at home. The platform combines applications for telehealth, remote monitoring, tele-rehabilitation technologies with a suite of tools to advance your health.

Our technology is built on a model that empowers your health team to remotely monitor and deliver treatment during the pre-op and post-op phases of your care.

Before and after surgery, your progress is monitored by qualified health care practitioners. Rehabilitation, follow ups, monitoring, information sharing, and communications are important elements of your care and recovery.

For instance, your physiotherapist will prescribe specific physical activities to assess your mobility and range of motion. Completing the activities helps your physiotherapist identify normal or abnormal patterns during the performance of a particular activity.

Correct execution of movement patterns may indicate you are on a path to recovery. Incorrect execution could slow your recovery and may result in further injury.
Your physiotherapist will use the results of your assessment and other information to adjust your treatment plan to aid your recovery.
Our virtual care solutions are deployed in various environments to support healthy living, disease management & clinical treatment programs.